The Authentic Cuban Mojito


The Mojito was a favorite drink of author Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway made the bar called La Bodeguita del medio famous as he became one of its regulars and wrote on the wall "Mi mojito en la Bodeguita" (My mojito at the Bodeguita). This expression can still be read on the wall of the bar today, in his handwriting.

Cuban Mint / Yerba Buena

A Mojito is traditionally made of five ingredients: white rum, sugar (traditionally sugar cane juice), lime, sparkling water and mint. The original Cuban recipe uses spearmint or yerba buena, a mint variety very popular in the island. Its combination of sweetness, refreshing citrus and mint flavors are intended to complement the potent kick of the rum, and have made this clear highball a popular summer drink

A Brief History of The Mojito Cocktail

Cuba's famed mojito cocktail, a daily favourite of Ernest Hemingway, enjoyed a meteoric resurgence in popularity ever since James Bond drank one in the movie Die Another Day. The mojito, made with rum, sugar, lime juice, and Cuba's unique mojito mint, is now an essential cocktail of lounges everywhere.

The mojito is an ideal aperitif before a hearty dinner. Not only is it a relaxing start to the evening, it naturally primes the palate for the culinary pleasures that are to come. And if any of your guests arrive lacking a suitable appetite, the mint in the mojito will quickly correct that.